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UV Filters

UV ultraviolet optical filters are made in a standard optical filter glass materials and a range of coated optical materials. UV filters can be selected for their reflection, transmission, absorption and blocking the ultraviolet over the UV region or at selected wavelengths.

Types of UV Filters widely used include the following:-

 UV Schott & Hoya Filters - Ultraviolet Transmitting

Schott filter solid glass longpass UV transmitting are transparent in colour giving a colourless effect transmitting in the UV through to the visible spectrum. These include Schott WG225, WG280, WG295, WG305, WG320, WG335, WG345, WG360, GG375, GG385 and GG395. See material transmission for details.

Schott & Hoya solid glass bandpass filters UV transmitting are black and blue glass filters, additional surface coatings maybe required to protect the filter surfaces as moisture can attack the polished surface. Schott UV glass filters include UG1, UG5, UG11 and BG24a. See material transmission for details. Hoya UV glass filters include Hoya U330, U340 and U360.

 UV Neutral Density Filters - ND Ultraviolet Transmitting

An inconel coating applied to UV fused silica or fused quartz to precise controled densities and transmission can achieve precise attenuation factors and highly neutral spectral transmission. The Spectral range used for the UV and visible wavelengths from 200nm - 700nm.

 UV Blocking Filters

UV filters for blocking the ultraviolet region can reflect the near and far UV spectrum. These UV protection glasses are produced in several grades producing a barrier to harmful UV radiation. More information see UV Blocking Filters page.

 UV Transmission Filters

UV transmission filters transmit in the UV and reflect the visible light to illuminate the object with fluorescent effects. Substrates are multi-layer coated on a range of glass materials.